Annual report of the Telekom Slovenia Group

Friday, March 27th, 2009
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LJUBLJANA — Telekom Slovenia (Ljubljana:TLSG) has published the annual report of the Telekom Slovenia Group and Telekom Slovenije, d.d. for the year 2008.

In 2008, the number of VoIP service users grew to almost 110,000, and the number of IP TV users to almost 90,000.

SiOL TV – new functionality and new channels

SiOL TV is one of the Telekom Slovenia Group’s most successful services. Accordingly, Planet 9, d. o. o. has continued to develop this service in terms of content and technical services. The company has updated its range of services and programme scheme and added new HD technology content, where the company ranks as the first in Slovenia to offer several HD movies via a video on demand library. The selection pay games was supplemented and the user interface upgraded, which will provide users content in the form of series of multimedia services, such as karaoke, and enable the use of existing services in various ways.

Key to the successful expansion of SiOL TV and the doubling of its users was the upgrading of the service platform with increasingly sophisticated user experiences. A great deal of attention was given to interactive services (e.g. a comprehensive electronic programme guide, a wide selection of games and specific purpose navigation keys) and the upgrading of programmes (e.g. Fox, National Geographic and ESPN). The company has further adapted to the wishes of its customers and become more flexible via package offers. Future development will be focused on personalisation, content diversity, service sophistication and platform convergence.

SiOL broadband services

The number of broadband access connections has risen by 19%. Significant growth was recorded by VDSL (up by 2.5%), and particularly FTTH access (up by 7.5%), which facilitates greater bandwidth and serves as the basis for new broadband services (e.g. IP TV and video on demand). The number of television service subscribers via broadband access connections doubled, reaching more than 90,000 at the end of the year.

Number of connections by technology and services used:

        31.12.07  31.12.08  Index 08/07
        --------  --------  -----------
IPTV      42,512    84,615          199
CATV         541     5,608        1,037

The number of VoIP and IP TV connections were up by 80% and 99%, respectively, from the previous year, primarily in double play and triple play service packages. Growth in the latter is a result of the construction of new broadband (primarily FTTH) connections and the introduction of the coding of signals in MPEG-4 technology, which facilitates the connection of remote subscribers.

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