Digital TV News: Parrot Analytics

Parrot Analytics helps inform YouTube and Google TV programming
Aug 9, 2021 – YouTube and Google TV have incorporated Parrot Analytics' global audience demand data and entertainment consulting services to help make insight-driven content decisions.
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Parrot Analytics data to support Dopamine's content plans
Jul 30, 2019 – Parrot Analytics has partnered with Dopamine, a division of Grupo Salinas. Dopamine will use Parrot Analytics' demand data and travelability analysis to help predict audience demand for its original series in Mexico and other regions around the world.
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Demand for Netflix Originals set to overtake licensed titles in the U.S.
Dec 13, 2018 – Research by Parrot Analytics and Kagan shows support for one of Netflix's most important strategic goals. According to the report, demand for Netflix Originals is estimated to overtake the share of demand for licensed titles by October 2019.
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Parrot Analytics to measure audiences for CBS Studios International
Jul 25, 2018 – Parrot Analytics has announced a subscription agreement with CBS Studios International. The service will provide CBS Studios International with timely and actionable data to gauge audience demand for specific content.
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Parrot Analytics finds 49% of U.S. consumers unwilling to pay for even one streaming service
Jun 21, 2018 – In its latest TV demand report, Parrot Analytics focused on consumers' propensity to subscribe to streaming video services in Brazil, Italy, the U.K. and the U.S.. Parrot Analytics investigated consumers' willingness to subscribe to up to four streaming subscription video services.
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