Digital TV News: African Cable Television

ACTV launches Nigeria's first CAM-Card for Smart TVs
Jul 23, 2015 – Nigeria's African Cable Television (ACTV) has announced the launch of its ACTV CAM-Card for satellite Smart TVs. ACTV has entered into a partnership with LG to bring the product to as many Nigerians as possible.
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Nigeria's ACTV DTH chooses AMOS-5 satellite
Jan 26, 2015 – Spacecom (Tel Aviv: SCC) has announced that the AMOS-5 satellite has won a multi-year contract to transmit ACTV (African Cable TV), Nigeria's newest Pay TV platform, from its 17°E orbital position.
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ACTV DTH satellite TV launches in Nigeria
Dec 1, 2014 – African Cable Television (ACTV – pronounced 'Active') has launched its DTH satellite pay TV service in Africa. ACTV offers four packages ACTV Prime, ACTV Family, ACTV Family Max and ACTV Premium, ranging from 19 to over 60 channels.
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