Digital TV News: Andrew Bezrukov

GS Group sells stake in Bangladesh's RealVU DTH
Mar 24, 2017 – GS Group has announced the sale of its share in Beximco, a company that operates in Bangladesh under the RealVU brand. In so doing, the holding company has successfully completed an investment project to create the first satellite Pay-TV operator in the country.
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GS Group releases first Russian 4K Ultra HD set-top box
Feb 1, 2016 – GS Group has announced its GS A230, the first Russian digital TV set-top box to support Ultra HD (4K) broadcasting. The new model, under the General Satellite brand, means that 4K video content can now be viewed on modern Ultra HD TV-sets.
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GS Group announces new SiP-based HD set-top box
Sep 3, 2015 – GS Group has released an HDTV compliant set-top box under the General Satellite brand – GS B212 - for the Russian market. At the heart of the GS B212 is a multichip microprocessor – the GS Nanotech SiP Amber S2.
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GS develops satellite+terrestrial STB for Tricolor TV
Sep 16, 2014 – GS Group has announced its General Satellite GS E212 set-top box. The box is able to receive both satellite and terrestrial signals and was developed for the largest Russian satellite operator, Tricolor TV.
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