Digital TV News: GTA TeleGuam

GTA TeleGuam: More Guam TV Homes Switching to Digital Television
Jun 22, 2011 – GTA TeleGuam has attracted more than 7,000 customers to its advanced digital television service in less than three years since launching GUdTV. This number represents more than 20 percent of the 32,000 households with TVs in Guam.
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GTA TeleGuam Announces Guam Digital Television
Sep 2, 2008 – GTA TeleGuam has announced the launch of Guam Digital Television, or GUdTV. GUdTV is an Internet Protocol (IP)-based TV service delivering the latest entertainment.
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Minerva Continues Strong Growth With Ten New North American IPTV Wins
Jun 13, 2008 – Minerva Networks has added ten (10) more IPTV wins in North America, including Mt. Horeb Telephone in Wisconsin, Tullahoma Utilities in Tennessee, and GTA TeleGuam in Guam.
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