Digital TV News: Jeff Ravencraft

HDMI releases alternate mode for USB Type-C connector
Sep 1, 2016 – HDMI Licensing has released its HDMI Alternate Mode ('Alt Mode') developed for the USB Type-C specification. This will allow HDMI-enabled sources to utilize a USB Type-C connector to directly connect to HDMI-enabled displays.
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Jungo and Wisair Announce End-to-End Wireless USB Solution for Linux-Based and Embedded Platforms Used in Set-Top Boxes, TVs, DVRs, Smart Phones
Jan 5, 2009 – Jungo (NASDAQ: NNDS) and Wisair have announced the availability of an end-to-end Wireless USB solution for Linux-based and embedded operating systems used in CE devices, enabling OEMs to embed Wireless USB into non-Windows™ devices.
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