Digital TV News: Scott W. Hardy

Polaroid unveils Google Cast-powered 4K Ultra HD TVs
May 23, 2016 – Polaroid has unveiled its first line up of 4K UHD LED connected TVs. The new Polaroid 4K connected TV line will incorporate Google Cast, providing consumers with an option to stream content in ultra-high definition.
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Polaroid launches ATSC-capable tablets in Mexico
Jun 11, 2014 – Polaroid is providing consumers in Mexico a new way to watch TV on-the-go with their new tablet line. The line marks the first tablets to feature ATSC receivers able to receive digital or HD TV in Mexico.
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Polaroid launches 50" Roku Ready Smart TV
Jan 2, 2014 – At the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show, Polaroid will debut a 50” Smart TV that is Roku Ready® as well as a 50” Ultra HD 4K Television.
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