Digital TV News: SiBEAM

Panasonic Reveals Wireless High Definition Audio-Visual Connectivity at 2008 International CES
Jan 6, 2008 – Panasonic has announced that it has developed the world-first wireless High Definition (HD) Audio/Video transmission system based on the "WirelessHD™" standard, in partnership with SiBEAM of the United States.
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SiBEAM Announces Availability of World's First WirelessHD™ Chipset
Jan 6, 2008 – SiBEAM has announced that its WirelessHD-based transmitter and receiver chipsets, built in affordable CMOS, and its WirelessHD Development Kit will be made available to select customers in the first quarter of 2008.
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WirelessHD™ 1.0 Specification Launches With Widespread Industry Support
Jan 3, 2008 – WirelessHD has announced that it has completed the development of the first wireless specification for high-definition baseband video transmission and will present the format to Adopters in early 2008.
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SiBEAM Reveals 60GHz Wireless Semiconductor Technology
Jun 27, 2007 – SiBEAM has announced that they are the first to break the barriers of 60 GHz technology with the development of working 60 GHz chipsets for non-line-of-sight applications, built using standard CMOS manufacturing techniques.
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