Nagravision and Kudelski Group Affiliated Companies to Demonstrate Innovative End-to-End Solutions for Broadcast, Broadband and Mobile TV at IBC2007

Thursday, September 6th, 2007

Nagravision – Kudelski Group Stand #1.461 and IP154

  • Live demonstrations of end-to-end turnkey deployments relying on Nagravision, OpenTV and Quative products
  • Innovative security solutions enable operators to provide seamless service across PCs, TVs, mobile phones and other unconnected devices
  • Nagravision showcases world-first multi-mode DVB-H OSF and OMA BCAST smartcard profile Service Protection for Mobile TV
  • The world’s first fully functional µSD/SD card with embedded security will be demonstrated
  • The world’s first 90nm CMOS true “single-die” DVB-T mobile digital TV receiver will debut at IBC

Cheseaux, Switzerland — IBC2007 — Nagravision, a Kudelski Group (SWX:KUD) company and the world’s leading independent provider of value-added content protection solutions, is demonstrating end-to-end solutions for broadcast, broadband and mobile TV at IBC2007 from September 7 -11, 2007 in Amsterdam. Nagravision’s open conditional access systems, digital rights management (DRM) and integrated on-demand solutions secure and enhance access to digital content.

Solutions featured at the show include an integrated end-to-end offering with OpenTV (NASDAQ GM: OPTV), Quative, and other industry partners to accelerate time-to-market deployments and increase revenues.

Hybrid Broadcast/Broadband Deployments

At IBC, Nagravision is demonstrating the end-to-end turnkey hybrid network solution which will be used to launch the commercial services for YPSO/Numéricable, the leading cable broadband operator in France, Belgium and Luxembourg, by the end of 2007. Offering service providers a rapid innovation cycle for advanced content business models, the solution comes pre-integrated with products including the Lysis Content Management System (CMS), Nagravision content security solutions, the NagraGuide application suite, OpenTV Core2™ and HTML client middleware, and Quative’s Service Delivery Platform (SDP). A wide range of leading set-top box vendors support the pre-integrated solutions.

Nagravision will present a demonstration of video download or Pull VOD based on EchoStar Communications Corporation’s (Nasdaq:DISH) DISH Network satellite TV service. SD and HD quality movies, music and news are downloaded from the Internet for viewing on a Dish Network award-winning ViP622™ digital video recorder (DVR). This demonstration is enabled by a Nagravision hybrid satellite / broadband VOD and DVR solution and works over the open internet via a normal internet connection.

The Quative IP/Terrestrial solution selected by T-Com Innovation GmbH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, for an interactive TV pilot project offers a seamless combination of TV channels and Internet TV services. A demonstration of the Quative-powered T-Com Innovation GmbH interactive TV pilot services can be seen on the Nagravision stand. The pilot and demonstration uses hybrid ADB-3810TW set-top boxes supporting IP on-demand applications and DVB-T free-to-air channels.

IP Security Solutions

At the IBC, Nagravision will showcase NagraIP Cardless CA/DRM solution fully compliant with MPAA requirements and endorsed by premium TV content owners and Hollywood studios and supporting all relevant business models such as subscription, pay-per-view, true VOD, subscription VOD, pull VOD, DVR, home network, network PVR and time shift TV.

IPTV Solutions

Quative SDP IPTV World Forum Awards Winning solution enhances a service provider’s ability to rapidly launch new IPTV services, and provides full flexibility in terms of service ergonomics. The combined Nagravision/Quative SDP-based solutions allow operators to provide seamless IPTV services across both subscribers’ set-top boxes and other media devices based on an open client software model. Demonstrations include an end-to-end solution delivering Nagravision-secured content, interactive content including “Tringo” and “Racing World” from YooMedia and a base catalogue of games from TwoWayTV all running on a wide range of Nagravision/Quative certified set-top boxes (IP/hybrid) including those from leading set-top box vendors such as ADB, Amino, Pace, Prime and Technotrend.

An innovative Nagravision/Quative Mobile/IPTV convergence demonstration features an advanced time-shift TV service that is fully transparent to the viewing device, allowing the end-user to pause a program on a television and resume it on a mobile phone, and vice versa.

Nagra Mobile Solution Suite

Nagra Mobile offers a comprehensive OMA SmartCard Profile and Open Security Framework standards fully supported solution suite for the creation and delivery of attractive mobile TV services with full support for interactivity for broadcast DVB-H, MediaFLO, DMB, STIMI, DVB-SH and MBMS networks.

At IBC, Nagravision is unveiling an innovative solution for unconnected devices such as personal navigation devices and portable media players, empowered by G&D Mobile Security Card technology which resulted in the world’s first fully functional µSD/SD card with embedded security offering full portability for both live access and pre-recorded content.

Nagravision will also demonstrate the next version of its OMA BCAST SmartCard Profile which is ready for deployments. The OMA BCAST Smartcard Profile is an open standardized SIM-based service protection system defined by OMA (Open Mobile Alliance) members. The platform supports the standard DVB SimulCrypt interface enabling the operator to simultaneously run DVB OSF (Open Standard Framework) and OMA BCAST Smartcard Profile service protection on the same platform and hence provide the ideal wholesale platform for mobile TV

Nagravision will showcase the Nagra Mobile TV solutions as used in 3Italia and Vodafone Italy, the world-first commercial DVB-H mobile TV services, with DVB-H phones from LG and Samsung, plus a wide variety of cross DVB-H/3G mobile TV and content services.

Abilis Systems AS-102 world’s first 90nm CMOS true “single-die” DVB-T mobile digital TV receiver enabling the rapid design of extremely small and low cost solutions for PCs, personal navigation devices (PNDs), personal multimedia players (PMPs) and set-top boxes. The receiver performance surpasses the MBRAI and Nordig2 specification. With a very low power consumption of below 350mW, the AS-102 enables the best quality mobile reception with long viewing times.

Digital Pay-TV to PCs and TV via SmarDTV Solutions

SmarDTV makes premium Pay-TV content accessible to PC TV viewers. Using the Kudelski Group SmarDTV USBCAM, a conditional access module connected to the PC with a common USB interface, a PC user can now gain simple access to premium pay-TV channels on the PC. The SmarDTV module provides highly secure removable technology to enable descrambling and access to Pay-TV services. The module helps operators grow their subscriber count by leveraging the large number of installed PCs.

Digital Pay-TV services directly to a digital TV are also supported and will be demonstrated at IBC. A SmarCAM descrambles the signal. Since the SmarCam uses a standard DVB-CI slot supported by all digital TVs, no set-top box is needed. The SmarCAM architecture supports multiple conditional access versions and operators with a single CAM. It provides easy use for consumers. By inserting different CAMs, TV vendors can use one common model to cover many different markets.

Nagravision CAS and Cinea Watermarking Demo

Nagravision will demonstrate on a Martini HD Hybrid IP platform set-top box, Cinea Running Marks™ watermarking technology. The technology complements Nagravision content security to supplement the encryption and DRM that studios require for high value content such as HD and early window VOD, and live events. The solution provides embedded, invisible and unique products IDs in individual video streams allowing content owners to track pirated content from specific devices – such as set-top boxes to PCs to portable video devices to mobile phones – back to its source.

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