Pay TV subscribers in LatAm expected to grow to 79.3 million in 2023

Wednesday, June 13th, 2018
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Pay TV in Latam forecast to reach 79.3 million subscribers in 2023

According to Dataxis latest research, Pay-TV in Latam is forecasted to reach 79.3 million homes in 2023. Although Dataxis predicts that 8.5 million new Pay-TV customers will be added compared to 2017, it is a conservative evolution. As a result, TV subscriptions will not exceed 40% of households with TV set.

Several factors influenced the Pay-TV evolution namely: the economic instability of the region, certain countries of great volume already reached a saturation point and the down fall of Brazil (used to be the locomotive of the region). However, this stagnation situation is not verified in other services. For example, fixed broadband did not stop its march and in 2017 it already outpaced Pay-TV.

Pay TV Evolution in Latin America - 2016-2023

Dataxis highlights that Mexico will hold 28.9% of pay TV customers and will continue to be the largest market in the region. Brazil will be very close with 28.2%. Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Peru will accumulate 26.5% of the Pay-TV subscribers. Central America, Bolivia and Paraguay will be the fastest growing markets due to their low rates of service penetration.