Wyplay comprehensive Android TV offering for operators

Wednesday, June 5th, 2019
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The most exhaustive Android TV offering powered by Wyplay for demanding TV operators

SAN FRANCISCO, USA — Android Bootcamp — Wyplay, the TV Expert delivering Professional Services and Video Platform Solutions, just released the most exhaustive Android TV offering on the market. Starting with its leading iconic video solution, Wyplay tailored it to the specific Android TV eco- system. Wyplay complements this solution with its full range of Professional Services to now deliver an offering that perfectly matches the needs of the most demanding TV operators.

VIDEO SOLUTION: The Wyplay Android TV solution encompasses key components from the client to the back-end:

  • Wyplay “PREMIUM”: a ready to deploy Operator Tier Custom Launcher to address content fragmentation and profusion. Built on the ReactNative framework, PREMIUM is also available on smartphones and tablets to deliver a consistent user experience across devices.
  • Wyplay “FROG”: the open source hybrid TV middleware deployed in millions of subscribers’ homes has been tailored to become an APK that is easy to customize and update. FROG supports all OTT, IPTV, satellite, cable and terrestrial broadcasters’ situations.
  • Wyplay “APPS MANAGER”: a cloud-based solution to manage all the applications (custom launcher, middleware, partner’s application…) independently from the Play Store and GOTA system software updates.
  • Wyplay “UX MANAGER”: a real time content, advertising and UX management platform to animate the subscriber’s journey and generate more revenue. PREMIUM is pre-integrated with the UX MANAGER.
  • Wyplay “ANALYTICS MANAGER”: a UX and Devices Analytics platform to capture Audience, UX flow and devices information for a better QoS and end-user satisfaction.

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES: This off-the-shelf solution is the perfect starting point for any Android TV project. On top of this solution, Wyplay provides a full range of Professional Services to address TV operator specific needs:

  • Wyplay “CONSULTING”: Architecture (MediaCodec, MediaCAS, TIF, proprietary APIs…) and UI/UX (Ergonomics, design, graphic design, prototyping and integration…)
  • Wyplay “PROGRAM MANAGEMENT”: We have extensive experience of leading complex projects with multiple partners, including the operator’s own teams (planning, technical risk analysis, RFQ preparation, security management …)
  • Wyplay “SW CUSTOMIZATION”: Launcher full development or customization, broadcast and OTT stack adaptations, Google Search & Assistant integration, back-end integration …
  • Wyplay “QUALIFICATION & ACCEPTANCE”: Working with Tier1 operators, Wyplay has a long standing experience on all the qualification and validation levels. Automated test tools run at Wyplay lab and operator premises.
  • Wyplay “SYSTEM INTEGRATION”: Wyplay has been the lead system integrator for its Pay TV projects for over a decade. We understand Tier1 operators’ requirements in terms of quality and schedule. We know the challenges of hybrid solutions, combining broadcast and OTT. Our integration services include client-to-client, client-to-server and server-to-server integration.

“Most of our TV operators and prospects are considering Android TV,” said Jacques Bourgnignaud, CEO Wyplay. “We have heavily invested in Android TV to tailor our solutions and are pleased to bring the same level of professionalism, innovation and expertise for Android TV deployments” he added.

To arrange a demo or to schedule a meeting with our team at the following shows Angacom, Broadcast Asia or IBC, please contact Wyplay on sales@wyplay.com