Germany - GfK Consumer Electronics market report 2007

Thursday, July 10th, 2008
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The development of the German CE Market in 2007 was – once again – positive. Total CE turnover (including IT and Telecom) grew by 3.7% to a total volume of 23 billion Euros.

60% of this turnover was generated in the classical Consumer Electronics market – in particular by TVs, Digital Still Cameras, MP3 Players and Portable Navigation Devices.

A growing demand for Flat Screen TVs with a focus on larger screen sizes and higher picture quality was significant in 2007. Consumers also opted for future-proof technology such as HD Ready, or Full HD when purchasing TVs. 6.4 million high resolution TV Sets were sold between 2005 and 2007. The average price for a TV increased by 2% in 2007 to 784 Euros. Over 80% of turnover in this segment came from LCD TVs.

The turnover share of the Telecommunications market declined in 2007; accounting for just 17% of total CE turnover. However, considerable growth was achieved in the IT sector with increasing Notebook sales.

About the report:

GfK Marketing Services Germany and gfu (Gesellschaft für Unterhaltungs- und Kommunikationselektronik mbH) publish yearly total market figures for the Consumer Electronics market in Germany.

With regards to increasing product convergence, the report presents the main developments in the Consumer Electronics, Information Technology and Telecommunication markets jointly.

The Consumer Electronics market is defined as the sum of sales in Germany from private consumers.

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