LG Adopts Xceive Silicon Tuner for 2009 LCD and Plasma TVs

Thursday, January 8th, 2009
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Leading XC5000 silicon tuner is first of its kind to meet mainstream production requirements for flat screen TVs across all regions

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Xceive, the market leader in worldwide multi-standard RF-to-baseband silicon tuner ICs for the digital home market, announced today that LG Electronics has selected the XC5000 silicon tuner for its new lines of high-end flat panel TVs. Xceive’s XC5000 is the first silicon TV tuner IC accepted into mainstream TV production for worldwide markets.

As the world’s most highly integrated silicon tuner, Xceive’s XC5000 will be embedded in LG’s LCD and plasma screens ranging from 22 to 60 inches. The addition of the XC5000’s smart tuner architecture on board will help reduce engineering costs across multiple regional products and reduce return rate due to tight production tolerances, protecting customers from product variances susceptible in CAN-based TVs. Additionally, the XC5000’s extremely small size (7x7mm) and footprint allows LG to deliver slimmer TV designs with a lower BOM.

“LG’s implementation of the XC5000 as its tuner of choice is a testament to Xceive’s compelling solution, cost benefits and ability to exceed LG’s stringent RF requirements,” said Neil Mitchell, vice president of marketing for Xceive. “Unlike aging CAN tuner technology, the adoption of the XC5000 signals a new era in TV technology by driving the ultimate viewing experience across living rooms worldwide. Its ability to provide the consumer market with world-class tuner performance for all major analog and digital broadcast standards, world-class sensitivity and HD-quality will forever change what consumers have come to expect from their TVs.”

The addition of the XC5000 to LG’s new lines of LCDs and plasmas continues LG’s tradition of offering the highest levels of performance and picture quality consumers have come to expect from LG televisions. Having successfully met and exceeded LG’s rigorous performance tests, Xceive’s multi-standard tuner solutions have proven to be a critical component for optimized reception and sensitivity in a compact size for TV production worldwide.

The XC5000 is the only global hybrid TV tuner with an on-board DSP controller and unique architecture to deliver world-class tuner performance for all major analog and digital broadcast television standards worldwide. LG’s production TVs with the XC5000 have been field-tested over many months under worst-case scenarios. Even in the most challenging real world conditions, the DSP-enabled XC5000 never requires silicon changes as rapid corrections in firmware enable fast time to market.

LG will adopt the XC5000 into performance TVs for mainstream markets immediately. The initial rollout will begin in Europe, Australia and New Zealand, followed by U.S., Singapore, Taiwan and Korea.