Digital TV News: BrightLine

Brightline adds Cuebiq's footfall attribution to OTT ad platform
Aug 9, 2018 – Cuebiq and Brightline have announced a partnership to provide media owners and advertisers with footfall attribution. With Cuebiq, BrightLine increases the depth of information available to advertisers, enabling them to attribute in-person visitation back to their enhanced OTT ads.
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BrightLine enables inclusion of voice assistant prompts in OTT ads
Jun 18, 2018 – BrightLine is adding voice activation to its enhanced OTT ad platform, InCast. BrightLine’s ad platform can detect which voice assistant a TV utilizes, and dynamically incorporate suitable commands into ads.
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BrightLine launches data platform for OTT ad targeting
Jan 2, 2018 – BrightLine has announced that it is launching DataCast, a unified OTT data platform that will enable advertisers to target and measure across three screens: mobile, desktop and television.
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BrightLine selects Nielsen DMP to deliver personalized TV ads
Feb 27, 2017 – BrightLine has announced that it has selected the Nielsen Data Management Platform (DMP) to enable marketers to deliver personalized TV advertisements to millions of U.S. households.
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SpotX and BrightLine automate connected TV video ad purchasing
Oct 19, 2016 – Video inventory management platform, SpotX, and BrightLine, the market leader for advanced TV and OTT advertising, have joined forces to accelerate the automated purchasing workflow of advanced TV ads across millions of U.S. households.
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Hulu subscribers up 30% YoY; adds ad partnerships
May 4, 2016 – Hulu has announced that its subscriber base has grown over 30% year over year and will reach 12 million subscribers in the U.S. by this month. Hulu also unveiled new content deals and advertising partnerships with Nielsen and Millward Brown.
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