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30% of EU SVOD viewing time goes to content from the EU plus UK
Mar 28, 2024 – The European Audiovisual Observatory has published reports analysing the consumption of films and TV seasons on SVOD, and the offer of films and TV seasons in VOD catalogues, in the EU.
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German study shows high losses from TV piracy
Jan 25, 2023 – According to a study commissioned by VAUNET, a total of 5.9 million people in Germany regularly watched illegal live TV streams in 2022, with live TV piracy largely replacing the use of legal TV services.
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Disney+ has the potential to make a strong entrance in the UK
Feb 5, 2020 – According to Goldmedia, up to 7.6 million VoD fans in the UK are indicating that they want to use Disney+ when it launches at the end of March. UK VoD users subscribe to an average of only two streaming services and want to spend no more than around £17 a month on them.
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German VOD revenues growing faster than ever
Jun 11, 2018 – At the end of 2017, 18% of all German households were subscribing to at least one paid-for VOD service. The market appears to be on an unabated growth trajectory and the boom is seeing revenues soar through the roof.
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Amazon leads Germany's VOD market
Feb 24, 2015 – According to research undertaken by Goldmedia, Amazon Prime Instant Video is the most widely used video-on-demand (VOD) offering in Germany with a share of 33.2 percent. iTunes and Maxdome are in equal second place with 11.3% market share. Netflix is only in fifth place with 8%.
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Currently 1,424 online-TV services in Germany
Dec 11, 2012 – According to a study on Internet TV by Goldmedia, there are currently 1,424 online-TV services in Germany. The number of people accessing videos has increased by about 17% compared to the previous year. Every fifth video hit occurs via mobile devices.
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Half of German households to have internet-connected TVs in 2016
Nov 8, 2011 – According to Goldmedia, at the end of 2010 some 4 million TV households had televisions that were connected to the internet, either directly or via an external box. They expect that number to reach 5.6 million this year and 20 million in 2016.
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Connected TVs reach 20% of sales in Germany
Jun 30, 2010 – According to Goldmedia, a fifth of all TV sets sold in Germany in 2010 will have an internet connection. By 2015 the number is forecast to reach 23 million or 61% of TV households.
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Germany - Digitalisation Breakthrough in TV Households
Sep 4, 2007 – The digitalisation of TV-households is gathering momentum in Germany: 77 per cent of TV-households will be digitalised at primary reception by the end of 2012. This is the forecast of Goldmedia published in its latest study "The Future of TV-transmission", which analyses the development of broadcasting infrastructures in Germany.
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