Digital TV News: Loewe Opta

McObject's Embedded Database Expands Marketing Reach of Loewe Opta's Digital Televisions
Sep 15, 2010 – McObject has announced that Loewe Opta has released new digital television models with electronic programming guide (EPG) software based on eXtremeDB Fusion, ensuring fast access to schedules, programs and other data.
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McObject Set-Top Box Embedded Software Shortens Development Time
Oct 5, 2009 – McObject® has announced the availability of its eXtremeDB™ embedded software platform for set-top box electronic programming guides (EPGs), enabling providers of set-top boxes to reduce costs and offer a richer tool for end-users.
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Gemstar-TV Guide Announces Expansion of European Patent Licensing Through Three New Agreements With Leading German-Based Consumer Electronic Manufacturers
Oct 18, 2007 – Gemstar-TV Guide International (NASDAQ: GMST) has announced continued expansion of its patent licensing program in Europe, recently signing three new patent license agreements with leading German-based consumer electronic (CE) companies.
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