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Neptuny launches enhanced Content Recommendation engine at IPTV World Forum 2009
Feb 25, 2009 – Neptuny will be launching Contentwise 2.5 at IPTV World Forum in Olympia, London from 25th - 27th March 2009. Two exciting new features of ContentWise 2.5 are support for user communities and metadata enrichment rules.
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Neptuny presents ContentWise 2.0 at IBC
Jul 2, 2008 – Neptuny will be launching ContentWise 2.0, the second release of the revolutionary Content Recommendation Engine for IPTV, Interactive-Cable TV and WebTV at the next IBC 2008 conference to be held in Amsterdam from 12-16 September 2008.
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Neptuny presents ContentWise SaaS edition at IPTV World Forum 2008
Mar 11, 2008 – Neptuny is launching ContentWise SaaS (Software as a Service) edition to enable smaller IPTV operators and Web TV-VOD Portals to take advantage of Neptuny's revolutionary predictive content recommendation system.
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FASTWEB selects ContentWise for the first pilot project of intuitive TV
Oct 23, 2007 – FASTWEB has selected Neptuny's ContentWise product in order to carry out a pilot project based on previous viewing behaviour and other-user ratings to provide recommendations to television viewers, thus reducing the amount of time needed to look for preferred content.
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Neptuny launch the first ever content recommendation system for IPTV
Aug 13, 2007 – Neptuny are launching Contentwise, a revolutionary predictive content recommendation system for IPTV operators that will help viewers select the right content to suit their tastes and requirements. ContentWise will be launched at IBC 2007.
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