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HANA Employs New 1394 Over Coax International Standard for HD Home Networking
Aug 19, 2008 – The High-Definition Audio-Video Network Alliance (HANA) has announced its plans to release a HANA Entertainment Box reference design based on the new 1394 Over Coax international standard from the 1394 Trade Association.
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1394 Trade Association Introduces First Global Standard for Networking Entertainment Devices Over Coaxial Cable
Aug 4, 2008 – The 1394 Trade Association has announced the adoption of the first global standard for networking digital content over coaxial cables using Ultra Wideband (UWB) communications.
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Pulse-LINK Showcases Whole-Home HD Video Distribution with Ethernet-Over-Coax at The Cable Show
May 15, 2008 – At The Cable Show 2008, Pulse~LINK will demonstrate the advantages of its CWave® UWB Ethernet-Over-Coax solution for whole-home HD video distribution which provides a cost effective method to deploy whole-home DVR functionality.
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Industry Creates HomeGrid Forum to Develop Technology for Enjoying Multimedia Anywhere in the Home
Apr 29, 2008 – Infineon Technologies, Intel Corporation, Panasonic and Texas Instruments have announced the creation of HomeGrid Forum, which aims to promote and influence a single, next-generation worldwide standard for networking digital content.
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Gefen and Pulse~LINK Introduce the World's First Consumer HDMI Over Coax Product for High Definition Video Connectivity Throughout the Home
Jan 4, 2008 – Gefen and Pulse~LINK have introduced the world's first consumer electronics product that incorporates Pulse~LINK's CWave® UWB HDMI-Over-Coax technology.
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HANA Demonstrates Integrated Home HD Networking at CES 2008
Jan 3, 2008 – The High-Definition Audio-Video Network Alliance (HANA) has announced that it will host a four-room "HANA Home" demonstration of its HD home networking solution at the 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show, January 7-10 in Las Vegas.
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Westinghouse Digital and Pulse~LINK Unveil the World's First Fully Integrated Wireless HDTV at CES 2008
Jan 3, 2008 – Westinghouse Digital and Pulse~LINK have introduced the world's first fully integrated wireless HDTV. The HD LCD TV, featuring Pulse~LINK's integrated CWave® UWB Wireless HDMI technology, will be on display for the first time at the 2008 International CES.
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Standards Battle Brewing In Wireless Interconnectivity
Aug 15, 2007 – With the promise of entirely wireless interconnections for PCs, standards and technology battles are looming, reports In-Stat. Most digital interconnects are first adopted in PCs and then by consumer electronics (CE), the high-tech market research firm says. "Like USB vs. 1394, the outcome of the battle between ultra wide band (UWB) solutions will be determined by the PC platform" says Qasim Inam, In-Stat analyst.
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