Digital TV News: WHDI LLC

Massive Wave of WHDI Products Announced at CES
Jan 5, 2011 – WHDI LLC has announced that, together with leading WHDI technology supplier AMIMON, they will demonstrate numerous new WHDI products, technology innovations and future product designs at the International CES show.
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WHDI Demonstrates 3D and Lays Out Standard Roadmap
Jun 7, 2010 – WHDI LLC, the organization responsible for managing and licensing the WHDI™ (Wireless Home Digital Interface™) standard has announced the technical features that will be included in upcoming versions of the WHDI specification.
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WHDI Releases 1.0 Specification
Dec 8, 2009 – WHDI has announced the completion and availability of the WHDI™ (Wireless Home Digital Interface™) specification. The WHDI standard enables full 1080p/60Hz HD with Deep Color at a distance of 100 feet and through walls.
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