Digital TV News: Zhone Technologies

Communication Partner SRL selects Zhone for GPON deployments in Argentina
Sep 14, 2012 – Zhone Technologies (NASDAQ: ZHNE) has announced that its MXK™ system has been selected by Communication Partner SRL for five GPON deployments in the Argentinean provinces of Buenos Aires, Córdoba and Neuquén.
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Zhone Technologies Announces Network Expansion With SRT Communications to Support Microsoft Mediaroom
Aug 10, 2011 – Zhone Technologies (NASDAQ:ZHNE) has announced that its MXK™ multi-service access node (MSAN) will be used by SRT Communications (SRT) in combination with Microsoft® Mediaroom® to deliver new IPTV and video services via ADSL2+ and FTTH.
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Zhone Technologies Chosen by Doylestown Telephone to Support FTTH Triple-Play and ADSL Deployments
Apr 6, 2011 – Zhone Technologies (NASDAQ:ZHNE) has announced that Doylestown Telephone Company of Ohio will deploy Zhone's MXK™ multiservice access node (MSAN) to enable triple play services for its customers using GPON and ADSL network technologies.
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Zhone Technologies Selected by Blatzheim Networks Telecom GmbH for Company's Triple Play Service Initiative
Jan 8, 2008 – Zhone Technologies (NASDAQ: ZHNE) has announced that bn:t Blatzheim Networks Telecom has selected Zhone's multi-service access platform (MSAP) for its triple play service roll-out.
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