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Kagan releases multichannel projections for the U.S.
Jun 26, 2017 – The increasing loss of traditional multichannel subscribers in the U.S. is further splintering a video landscape in which streamed bundles, online subscription services, self-aggregation and over-the-air delivery are playing more prominent roles, according to Kagan.
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Next 10 years look upbeat for the U.S. cable industry
Aug 11, 2016 – For the U.S. cable industry, the 10-year outlook is bright, according to SNL Kagan. The industry’s broadband advantage and bundling stance will enhance revenues from 2016 to 2026.
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U.S. Multichannel Video Subscribers Drop in Q3
Nov 17, 2010 – According to SNL Kagan's analysis of cable, DBS and telco video offerings, the U.S. multichannel segment fell by 119,000 customers in the third quarter of 2010, compared to a 346,000 gain reported in third-quarter 2009.
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Rovi Unveils Search and Discovery Platform for the Cable Industry
May 10, 2010 – At The Cable Show, Rovi (NASDAQ: ROVI) has unveiled its TotalGuide™ Solution for Service Providers, a flexible media guide for cable platforms. TotalGuide uses entertainment data from Rovi to power search, browse and recommendation capabilities.
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SNL Kagan Forecasts Growth in U.S. Multichannel Video
May 15, 2008 – According to an updated projection from SNL Kagan, U.S. multichannel video services are expected to grow moderately over the next five years in a period that will be marked by increased competition for subscriber loyalty.
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