Digital TV News: Paul Haddad

BrightLine launches connected TV ad solution
Sep 16, 2020 – BrightLine has announced BrightLink, a CTV platform and portal that delivers monetization tools and ad capabilities for OTT TV providers. BrightLink is a unification and expansion of the company's supply-side TV services suite.
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Altice USA launches advanced advertising and data business
Apr 5, 2018 – Altice USA (NYSE: ATUS) has announced the launch of a4, the company’s advanced advertising and data business, which delivers audience-based, multiscreen advertising solutions to local, regional and national advertisers and MVPD partners.
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Altice USA releases Optimum TV viewing data
Jan 11, 2017 – To provide insights about consumer television viewing activity Altice USA has released its first Altice USA Data Flash Review, which analyzed 2016 viewing trends of its Optimum TV customers.
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Charter Reaches 1 Million Mark for EBIF-Enabled Digital Set-Top Box Deployment
May 10, 2011 – Charter (NASDAQ: CHTR) has deployed more than one million EBIF-enabled set-top boxes in nearly all its communities utilizing Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) set-top boxes. Charter worked with Concurrent (NASDAQ: CCUR) and FourthWall Media on the rollout.
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