Digital TV News: Pete Moller

Access Advance revises HEVC patent license structure
Jun 1, 2021 – Access Advance has announced a new HEVC Advance Platform Pool structure. Licensees will receive an expanded license that includes all HEVC Profiles through Version 7 at the existing Main/Main 10 royalty rates.
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HEVC Advance eliminates content distribution royalty fees
Mar 14, 2018 – HEVC Advance has announced that it has eliminated 'subscription' and 'title-by-title' content distribution from the HEVC Advance Patent License in an effort to further accelerate HEVC adoption and support distributors to bring the best video experience to consumers.
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HEVC Advance begins issuing licenses
Jan 19, 2016 – HEVC Advance has announced that it has begun accepting requests for licenses to the HEVC/H.265 worldwide essential patents of its licensor companies.
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