Germany: Consumer Electronics market displays sound growth in the first half of 2011

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

CEMIX Q2 2011 – Germany, Consumer Electronics

Results from the latest Consumer Electronics Market Index (CEMIX) show that the industry continues to grow. In the first half of the year, the market demonstrated a value increase of 4.3% compared to HY1 2010. The segments tracked developed as follows; classic Consumer Electronics -6.7%, privately used Telecommunications +43.9% and privately used IT products +4.5%.

The decline in classic Consumer Electronics was primarily down to extraordinary sales in the first half of 2010; these were stimulated by the changeover to HDTV, the Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup.

Within the classic Consumer Electronic sector, home audio and audio/video accessories (e.g. headphones) performed particularly well, while growth in the Telecommunications market was driven by the increasing demand for smartphones.


CEMIX, the Consumer Electronics Market Index, is a common project of the Bundesverband Technik des Einzelhandels e.V. (BVT), GfK Retail and Technology GmbH and the Gesellschaft für Unterhaltungs- und Kommunikationseletronik (gfu). The CEMIX contains current market information from competent partners.

The CEMIX shows the development of the Consumer Electronics market in Germany using unit and value data. The CEMIX report in Germany covers: Classic consumer electronics products, privately used telecommunication products and privately used IT products. The Consumer Electronics market is defined as the sum of sales in Germany from private consumers.

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