Video net adds of 11,800 for Liberty Latin America in 2Q 2021

Wednesday, August 4th, 2021 
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DENVER, Colorado — Liberty Latin America Ltd. (“Liberty Latin America” or “LLA”) (NASDAQ: LILA and LILAK, OTC Link: LILAB) today announced its financial and operating results for the three months (“Q2”) and six months (“YTD” or “H1 2021”) ended June 30, 2021.

CEO Balan Nair commented, “Our inorganic strategy is an important driver of stakeholder value and we are excited to have received the required authorizations to acquire Telefónica Costa Rica‘s operations, with closing to follow shortly. The transaction will create an innovative converged provider in the country. Combined with our fixed business, Cabletica, we plan to deliver added value to customers through expanded product offerings, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and outstanding customer service levels.”

Video RGUs

                                                    June 30, 2021 vs
                                     June 30, 2021    March 31, 2021
                                     -------------  ----------------
C&W Caribbean & Networks:    
 Jamaica                                   132,700             2,400
 The Bahamas                                 8,700               700
 Trinidad and Tobago                       105,300             (900)
 Barbados                                   35,400             1,000
 Other                                      74,700             (100)
                                     -------------  ----------------
  Total C&W Caribbean & Networks           356,800             3,100
C&W Panama                                  93,500             2,200
                                     -------------  ----------------
   Total C&W                               450,300             5,300
Liberty Puerto Rico                        242,200             3,800
VTR                                      1,068,900             2,000
Cabletica                                  207,500             1,000
                                     -------------  ----------------
    Total                                1,968,900            12,100

Q2 2021 Adjustments:
 VTR(1)                                                        (300)
     Net Adds                                                 11,800

1. VTR’s non-organic adjustment relates to RGUs that were disconnected prior to April 1, 2021.

Video RGU – A home, residential multiple dwelling unit or commercial unit that receives our video service over our network primarily via a digital video signal while subscribing to any recurring monthly service that requires the use of encryption-enabling technology. Video RGUs that are not counted on an equivalent billing unit (EBU) basis are generally counted on a unique premises basis. For example, a subscriber with one or more set-top boxes that receives our video service in one premises is generally counted as just one RGU.

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