Digital TV News: Corinex Communications

Corinex Communications Selects DS2´s 200Mbps Aitana Chipset for HomeNet, Its Latest Home Networking Product Available in Both Powerline and Coaxial Versions
Jan 9, 2009 – DS2 has announced that Corinex Communications is expanding its range of home networking products by embedding DS2´s 200Mbps Aitana chipset in HomeNet, its latest product designed to connect entertainment and networking devices to a home network.
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DS2 unveil complete portfolio of powerline communications solutions for home networking and service provider applications at CES 2008
Jan 7, 2008 – DS2 has unveiled a complete portfolio of solutions for home networks that includes the new 100Mbps Montgo™ chipset, the 200Mbps Aitana™ chipset for IPTV, HD Video and audio, and 400Mbps technology for next generation multimedia applications.
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DS2 Introduces 400Mbps Powerline Communications Technology
Oct 18, 2007 – DS2 has announced that it has developed technology that will allow next generation powerline products to operate at a peak data rate of 400Mbps.
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DS2 emerges as leading supplier of Powerline Technology solutions for US multi-media networking
Aug 20, 2007 – DS2 has confirmed that shipments to the US of its 200 Mbps chipset increased by 229% during the first half 2007. In general the Powerline market is growing at a rate of 100% p.a. while growth in other home networking technologies has stagnated.
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