Digital TV News: Inca Networks

Inca ABR transcoder approved for MOBITV CONNECT deployments
Jul 19, 2019 – WISI has announced that the Inca Adaptive Bitrate Transcoder 3840, its OTT transcoder, is now an option for customers deploying the MOBITV CONNECT platform. The collaboration empowers cable operators to deploy next generation video experiences to consumers.
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FTC selects Inca Networks to power video headend
Nov 14, 2018 – Farmers Telephone Cooperative (FTC) has selected Inca Networks as their preferred vendor, using Inca’s video equipment exclusively to power their headend. Inca Networks is providing its Intelligent Video Delivery system powered by VidiOS, a management and monitoring tool.
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Broadpeak, Inca Networks and Espial enable video delivery for Hiawatha Broadband
Oct 18, 2018 – Broadpeak and Inca Networks have announced that they have partnered to provide Hiawatha Broadband Communications (HBC) with an IP video delivery solution. The subscriber management and user experiences are powered by Espial's Elevate Cloud IPTV platform.
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Gulfsat Madagascar adds digital TV with Inca Networks
Mar 30, 2015 – Inca Networks has announced that Madagascar’s second-largest telecom service provider, Gulfsat Madagascar, has deployed the Inca Modular Series 4430 high-density HD MPEG-4 AVC transcoder to power the expansion of its digital TV service.
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Rochester Telephone Company deploys Inca Networks transcoder
Mar 24, 2015 – Inca Networks has announced that Rochester Telephone Company (RTC Communications) has deployed its video platform in its IPTV and CATV networks for ASI to IP conversion, satellite MPTS demultiplexing and high-density MPEG-4 HD and SD video transcoding.
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Pembroke Advanced Communications upgrades IPTV with Inca Networks
Mar 2, 2015 – Inca Networks has announced that triple-play provider, Pembroke Advanced Communications (PAC), has implemented Inca's Intelligent Video Delivery platform to upgrade their digital MPEG-4 HD/SD TV service.
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MLGC implements Inca's IP video suite in North Dakota
Feb 3, 2015 – Inca Networks has announced that triple-play telecommunications provider, MLGC, has implemented Inca's IP video suite to bring digital TV services to rural North Dakota, positioning the company to be able to offer multiscreen services in the future.
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Carr Communications selects Inca Networks transcoder for IPTV service
Dec 15, 2014 – Inca Networks has announced that Carr Communications has selected Inca’s high-density MPEG-4 HD/SD IPTV transcoder, the 4430 Modular Series, to expand their IPTV headend and allow self-sufficient in-house transcoding of 44 HD channels.
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Inca Networks powers Hamilton Telecommunications IPTV service
Nov 24, 2014 – Inca Networks has announced that Hamilton Telecommunications has deployed Inca’s IP video reception and MPEG-4 transcoder products to power their new IPTV service dubbed 'Cobalt TV'. In a joint venture with Mid-State Community TV, Hamilton decided to upgrade from a traditional cable video service to pure IPTV.
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