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Circana report sees first signs of U.S. TV purchase refresh cycle
Mar 30, 2023 – Despite the pandemic-driven surge in TV purchases, a Circana report reveals the age of installed TVs is beginning to rise, an early indication of an upcoming TV purchase refresh cycle.
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OS updates coming to Roku devices in the U.S. this spring
Mar 9, 2023 – Roku (NASDAQ: ROKU) has announced platform-wide updates to its OS, with updates to Live TV, content discovery, Sports, the Roku Mobile App, and more rolling out in the U.S. this spring.
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Internet access speed impacts CE device ownership levels in the U.S.
Feb 9, 2023 – An NPD Group report has revealed that gaps exist in U.S. ownership levels for devices that are more dependent on an internet connection. Examples include 4K TVs and smart home devices.
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US consumer tech sales expected to decline until 2025
Jan 5, 2023 – Following tremendous growth fueled by pandemic needs in 2020 and 2021, U.S. consumer technology industry sales revenue is expected to end 2022 down 8% year over year, according to The NPD Group.
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U.S. streaming video consumers becoming more price sensitive
Jun 23, 2022 – According to The NPD Group, from October 2021 to April 2022, cost went from the #4 reason for cancelling an SVOD service to #2. According to NPD's latest study, consumers are also increasingly signing up for services based on promotional or discounted offers.
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U.S. TV purchasers more motivated by screen size and picture quality
Apr 26, 2022 – According to NPD, over the last two years the average size of installed TVs in the U.S. has increased by three inches to 47.5". Consumers are also replacing TVs faster than before. The average age of a replaced TV is now 6.4 years, down from 6.8 years in 2020.
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US consumer technology sales revenue ends 2021 up 9%
Jan 6, 2022 – According to NPD, 2021 was a record year for the U.S. consumer tech industry with sales reaching nearly $127 billion dollars, up 9% on 2020's tremendous result. Revenues are expected to decline 5% in 2022, 4% in 2023, and 1% in 2024.
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Roku TV expands with Sharp in the US & new brands in Mexico
Jan 3, 2022 – Roku (Nasdaq: ROKU) has partnered with Sharp to bring Sharp Roku TV models to the United States. In addition, the Roku TV licensing program in Mexico will expand with the addition of Aiwa and HKPRO starting in early 2022.
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Roku launches OneView ad platform for Canada
Sep 23, 2021 – Roku (Nasdaq: ROKU) has expanded its Canadian TV advertising offering with the introduction of the OneView advertising platform. OneView enables ad campaigns across TV streaming, desktop, and mobile.
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