Digital TV News: Porsche

Porsche expands infotainment partnership with Google
Oct 30, 2023 – Porsche will offer Google services in future vehicle generations. The integration will include Google Maps, Google Assistant and a range of apps available through the Google Play Store.
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New Cayenne debuts Porsche Driver Experience
Mar 29, 2023 – The Porsche Cayenne will feature a 12.3" display providing the Porsche Communication Management (PCM) control center. On the PCM, videos can be watched directly via the streaming provider Screenhits TV.
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CARIAD launches app store for Volkswagen Group cars
Mar 1, 2023 – CARIAD has launches an application store for Volkswagen Group car brands. CARIAD is working with HARMAN to create an open ecosystem for apps that drivers can use in their cars' infotainment systems.
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Microtune Announces Silicon Tuner Strategy to Bring High-Speed Digital TV to Automotive Market
Nov 13, 2007 – Microtune (NASDAQ: TUNE) has announced that its MT2060 tuner technology is deployed in a car TV receiver system of Kenwood. Kenwood uses four tuners in a diversity TV entertainment system that delivers ISDB-T digital TV and other data services to a vehicle.
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