Digital TV News: R2B2

R2B2 introduces ad targeting by TV brand and model in the Czech Republic
Aug 29, 2018 – R2B2 has announced that an eighth way of targeting ads, by specific TV brand and model, is now available when buying HbbTV ads programmatically through the R2B2 Multiscreen network. Skylink was the first to use it in a campaign.
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R2B2 launches content targeting on HbbTV in Slovakia
Aug 28, 2018 – Now there is a new targeting option for programmatic advertising on HbbTV in Slovakia. Advertisers can target viewers based on the content they are watching. So far, it is available on three TV stations: Markíza, Doma, and Dajto.
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R2B2 adds new channel Prima to its Czech HbbTV ad network
Apr 25, 2018 – R2B2, which runs the digital ad network R2B2 Multiscreen, has added the newly launched TV station Prima KRIMI to its portfolio. Advertisers who buy HbbTV ad space programmatically via the network now have a 10th Czech TV channel available to them.
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R2B2 adds three Slovak TV stations to its programmatic ad network
Dec 8, 2017 – The R2B2 Czech programmatic ad network is expanding to include three Slovak TV stations operated by CME. The top TV station in Slovakia will be among them. Now advertisers can bid on R2B2 HbbTV inventory for two countries.
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Slovakia's Markíza monetises HbbTV with Hybrid Company
Dec 5, 2017 – Interactive commercial advertising via HbbTV technology has been fully employed on the Slovakia television market by Markíza Group. For the implementation, Markíza teamed up with Hybrid Company, a specialist in HbbTV monetization.
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Czech HbbTV adopts header bidding solution from R2B2
Oct 16, 2017 – R2B2 has announced that it has developed a header bidding solution called R2B2 AYM. R2B2 AYM (Automated Yield Management) is an HbbTV compatible solution that links demand for programmatic advertising with addressable TV.
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R2B2 brings content targeting to ads on HbbTV
Oct 12, 2017 – R2B2, operator of R2B2 Multiscreen, a programmatic advertising network that includes internet content as well as Czech TV stations, is introducing content targeting for ads on HbbTV. Content targeting has been primarily associated with the internet, but now it is on TV as well.
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