Digital TV News: Aleck Schleider

Amobee launches data marketplace for connected TV and multiscreen advertising
Aug 15, 2019 – Amobee has announced the launch of a comprehensive data marketplace for connected TV advertising, providing brands and agencies with access to a vast library of data for activation across connected TV and converged cross-screen campaigns.
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Tru Optik closes $10 million venture round
Apr 3, 2019 – Tru Optik has announced the close of a $10 million venture round. The funds will allow Tru Optik to increase its sales and marketing activity, accelerate international growth, expand its OTT Household Graph and extend its capabilities across other forms of addressable advertising.
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Amobee integrates Nielsen’s Enterprise Audience API
Feb 20, 2019 – Amobee has announced an agreement with Nielsen to power the convergence of TV and digital for brands and agencies in the United States. The collaboration provides Amobee with access to Nielsen’s television viewing and online media consumption data.
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Tru Optik launches OptOut.TV to give consumers OTT privacy controls
Jan 11, 2018 – Tru Optik has announced the launch of OptOut.TV, a solution for consumers to opt out of audience-based targeting across the entire OTT ecosystem. OptOut.TV’s mission is to bring a higher level of privacy control to OTT.
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Videology and Tru Optik create addressable reach platform for connected TV
Aug 2, 2017 – Videology has announced that it has completed its addressable integration with Tru Optik. The integration allows advertisers to use Videology’s platform to send targeted one-to-household messaging, based on third-party or first-party data segments, to nearly 100 million households.
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