Digital TV News: Erhard Neumann

Spearad introduces 'selective' programmatic for addressable TV
Mar 17, 2021 – Spearad has introduced 'Selective Programmatic' for addressable TV advertising, allowing users to view an ad before it is displayed, and to approve or decline it with just a simple click.
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Spearad raises $1M+ seed funding for Addressable TV advertising
Dec 10, 2020 – Spearad has secured over $1M in seed financing. The investment will be used for additional development of 'Selective Programmatic' and for building out the team to serve the company's international client base.
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Spearad launches monetization technology for addressable TV and audio
Aug 22, 2019 – Spearad has revealed its full stack solution offering a media asset management system combined with a programmatic market place. The company's decisioning technology seeks to offer a true Addressable TV experience across all TV and video distribution channels.
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