Digital TV News: MHL Consortium

MHL Consortium showcases superMHL at CES2016
Jan 5, 2016 – MHL Consortium will have the latest superMHL innovations on display at CES 2016. Attendees will be able to get hands-on with a complete 8K home entertainment system powered by superMHL technology. MHL’s latest specification supports advanced color and High Dynamic Range (HDR).
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Silicon Image introduces world's first superMHL/HDMI 2.0 port processor
Mar 16, 2015 – Silicon Image has announced the world’s first superMHL/HDMI 2.0 port processor. The SiI9779 supports superMHL which is targeted at the home theater/CE market and delivers 8K 60fps video and immersive object audio.
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MHL Consortium announces superMHL - first to support 8K
Jan 6, 2015 – MHL Consortium has announced the superMHL™ specification, the next-generation of MHL® technology for CE and mobile devices. superMHL delivers higher resolution and frame rates along with 40W of power charging, while broadening MHL’s reach by supporting 8K video resolution.
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First MHL 3.0 4K Ultra HD products to be unveiled at Mobile World Congress
Feb 24, 2014 – MHL, LLC has announced that more than half a billion MHL products have been shipped since the inception of the standard. The first MHL 3.0 4K Ultra HD Products will be on show at Mobile World Congress 2014.
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Silicon Image introduces MHL 3.0 4K Ultra HD solution for mobile devices
Dec 16, 2013 – Silicon Image (NASDAQ: SIMG) has announced the industry’s first 4K Ultra HD MHL® 3.0 solution. MHL is the leading HD and 4K Ultra HD connectivity standard for connecting a mobile device to large screen displays, while simultaneously charging the device.
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MHL Consortium announces MHL 3.0 specification
Aug 20, 2013 – MHL, LLC has announced the MHL 3.0 specification to address the latest consumer requirements for connecting a mobile device to displays, marking major advancements in the areas of audio and video transmission over an MHL® link.
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Parade Technologies Enters HDMI®-to-MHL™ Transmitter Chip Market
Sep 4, 2012 – Parade Technologies (Taiwan OTC: 4966.TWO) has announced its entry into the HDMI®-to-MHL™ transmitter IC market. The PS5101 converts 19-wire HDMI video streams into 5-wire MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) for transmission to external TVs and CE devices.
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More Than 50 Million MHL Products Shipped Globally in 2011
Feb 21, 2012 – MHL, LLC, responsible for administering the MHL Consortium and the adoption, licensing and promotion of the MHL™ (Mobile High-Definition Link) specification, has announced that more than 50 million MHL products were shipped globally in 2011.
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Roku Streaming Stick Integrates 'Smart' Experience into TVs Instantly
Jan 4, 2012 – Roku® has unveiled a new solution to make a better Smart TV. The new Roku Streaming Stick™ is a wireless device about the size of a standard USB flash drive that will plug into a TV to instantly transform it into a Smart TV.
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