Digital TV News: Michael Powell

Introducing 10G: The next great leap for broadband
Jan 7, 2019 – NCTA, CableLabs and Cable Europe have introduced, at CES, the cable industry’s vision for delivering 10 gigabit networks, or 10G to consumers. To support the rollout, Intel will deliver 10G-ready technology from the network infrastructure to home gateways.
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Energy efficient set-top boxes saving hundreds of millions of dollars
Aug 28, 2014 – A new report released shows that the voluntary set-top box energy conservation agreement between the pay-TV industry, consumer electronics manufacturers and energy efficiency advocates has saved American consumers approximately $168 million in energy bills.
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U.S. Energy Dept., Pay TV industry and energy efficiency groups announce STB energy conservation agreement
Dec 23, 2013 – The U.S. Energy Department, NRDC, ACEEE, ASAP, CEA and the NCTA have announced non-regulatory energy efficiency standards for pay-TV set-top boxes that will result in energy savings for more than 90 million U.S. homes.
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Set-Top Box Energy Conservation Agreement Expected to Save U.S. Consumers $1.5 Billion Annually
Dec 6, 2012 – Fifteen U.S. multichannel video providers and device manufacturers are launching a Set-Top Box Energy Conservation Agreement that will result in annual residential electricity savings of $1.5 billion or more as the commitment is fully realized.
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U.S. Cable Industry Launches New Energy Efficiency Initiative
Nov 18, 2011 – The U.S. cable industry has announced a new initiative dedicated to improving the energy efficiency of consumer set-top boxes and other devices and developing advanced cable-enabled services designed to promote innovative consumer energy conservation measures.
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Cable Industry Brands Interactivity with ExpandTV
Oct 17, 2011 – Canoe Ventures has announced on behalf of the cable industry the availability of the ExpandTV™ implementation guidelines, a major milestone in the development of the interactive television (ITV) marketplace.
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