Digital TV News: Pete Hutton

ARM introduces new 64-bit IP suite for high-end mobiles
Feb 3, 2015 – ARM (LSE: ARM; NASDAQ: ARMH) has announced a suite of IP featuring its new ARM Cortex-A72 processor. The IP suite also offers a graphics upgrade supporting visual experiences at up to 4K120fps resolution.
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ARM and eyeSight bring gesture recognition to ARM Mali GPUs
Oct 14, 2013 – eyeSight has announced that it has completed extensive work in partnership with ARM to optimize its leading gesture recognition solution for use on ARM’s Mali T600 Graphics Processing Units.
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Entropic switches to ARM Mali for graphics and extends ARM Cortex processor licenses
Jul 22, 2013 – ARM (LSE: ARM; Nasdaq: ARMH) has announced that Entropic (NASDAQ: ENTR) has licensed the ARM Mali™-400 and Mali-450 Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) technology and has also entered into a new license agreement for the Cortex-R5 processor.
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Global Businesses Select ARM Mali GPU Technology across All Smart Devices
Feb 25, 2013 – ARM (LSE:ARM; Nasdaq:ARMH) has revealed that it has 75 licenses of its ARM® Mali GPU family of products across the smartphone, tablet and graphic-enabled Digital TV (DTV) markets.
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ARM Launches Second Generation of MALI-T600 Graphics Processors
Aug 6, 2012 – ARM (LSE:ARM; Nasdaq:ARMH) has announced the second generation of the ARM® Mali™-T600 Series graphics processing units (GPUs), providing a dramatically improved user experience for tablets, smartphones and smart TVs.
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MStar Licenses ARM Mali GPU Technology for Smart-TV Applications
Jan 30, 2012 – ARM (LSE: ARM; Nasdaq: ARMH) has announced that MStar has licensed ARM Mali GPU technology for use in smart-TV applications. The deepening relationship aims to drive technology innovation between the two companies and alignment on future product roadmaps.
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