15 million new IPTV subscribers added globally over the past year

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012
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With more than 15 million new IPTV subscribers added over the past year, it is clear that broadband multiplay is gaining momentum

AMSTERDAM — According to the latest figures published by the Broadband Forum and prepared by broadband industry analysts Point Topic, broadband subscriptions have soared to over 624 million, presenting a huge opportunity for the future of the connected home.

IPTV services alone have brought 69 million new Set Top Boxes into the Connected Home. Globally 15.9 million subscribers were added over the last 12 months, and 3.57 million over last quarter. In every region we are seeing great pick up of IPTV service, with China, France and the United States leading the industry in adoption. Over the last quarter, Russia has also made amazing strides in rolling IPTV services out.

IPTV Subscription Figures, Top Countries:

Country           Q1 2012     Q2 2012  % Growth
-------------  ----------  ----------  --------
China          15,150,000  16,275,000        7%
France         12,375,000  12,788,000        3%
United States   9,353,737   9,662,234        3%
Korea           5,275,243   5,695,226        8%
Japan           3,808,846   3,972,813        4%
Germany         2,108,700   2,247,700        7%
Russia          1,648,000   1,927,000       17%
Hong Kong       1,355,000   1,375,000        1%
Belgium         1,254,000   1,301,000        4%
Netherlands     1,062,000   1,151,000        8%

Source: Point Topic

And as providers make the investment in fiber deployments, customers are also benefiting from the speed and stability that that brings. Point Topic reports strong 12-month growth rates for FTTx (27%) and FTTH (23.4%) and for the first time the market share for DSL fell below 60%.