Digital TV News: HomePlug Alliance

DLNA® Approves HomePlug AV and HD-PLC Powerline Networking for Increased Digital Home Connectivity
Mar 12, 2012 – The Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA), HomePlug Powerline Alliance and HD-PLC Alliance have announced that the HomePlug AV and HD-PLC powerline networking standards have been approved for incorporation into DNLA's Networked Device Interoperability Guidelines.
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IEEE 1905.1 industry standard moves to product design stage
Jan 9, 2012 – The IEEE 1905.1 Working Group has approved its Hybrid Networking (P1905.1) draft standard. The industry standard combines the mobility of wireless with the performance of wires to enable the next-generation networked home.
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HomePlug Node Shipments to Surpass 30 Million by 2014
Jun 29, 2011 – Acording to In-Stat, set-top box home networking will be dominated by MoCA over the next five years. However, will make impressive gains becoming the second most popular standard by 2013 and challenging MoCA by 2015.
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HomePlug Powerline Alliance Announces Milestones
Mar 22, 2010 – At the IPTV World Forum the HomePlug® Powerline Alliance has announced several key milestones. The organization has added nine companies to its roster, and is nearing the completion of its Green PHY (GP) specification for Smart Grid applications.
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HomePlug® Technology Incorporated into IEEE P1901 Standard Baseline
Dec 22, 2008 – The HomePlug® Powerline Alliance has announced that the IEEE P1901 Working Group approved proposals including key HomePlug technology as the baseline for an IEEE powerline communications standard.
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HomePlug® Powerline Alliance Announces Doubling of HomePlug Product Shipments from Eight Million to 16 Million in Last 12 Months
Mar 5, 2008 – The HomePlug® Powerline Alliance has announced that it has doubled the number of HomePlug products shipped globally in the last 12 months from eight million to 16 million and that its members will showcase a wide range of HomePlug compliant products at CeBIT 2008.
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HomePlug®/Panasonic® Proposal for Powerline Communications Moves Towards a Ubiquitous IEEE Standard
Feb 28, 2008 – Following a vote in mid-October, the IEEE P1901 work group rejected all other proposals leaving the HomePlug/Panasonic proposal as the only remaining proposal for In-Home and Access powerline communication under consideration.
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HomePlug Powerline Alliance Demonstrates New Innovations at CES 2008 as HomePlug Global Shipments Now Exceed 15 Million Products
Jan 8, 2008 – The HomePlug® Powerline Alliance has announced that, surpassing initial estimates, HomePlug member companies have now shipped over 15 million Powerline communications (PLC) devices worldwide, more than doubling the number of shipments since 2006.
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HomePlug/Panasonic Merged Proposal Takes the First Step in Becoming a Worldwide Standard through the Efforts of the IEEE P1901 Work Group
Oct 30, 2007 – The HomePlug® Powerline Alliance has announced that the joint proposal, submitted by HomePlug member companies and Panasonic®, is the sole MAC/PHY proposal remaining in the IEEE P1901 work group process for creating an international standard for in-home and access powerline communication technologies.
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