Digital TV News: Kinetic

Kinetic offers DIRECTV STREAM
Dec 15, 2021 – Kinetic has announced that it is expanding its relationship with DIRECTV to now include DIRECTV STREAM. Kinetic broadband customers can watch local, national and premium channels anytime, anywhere on their phone, tablet or television.
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Kinetic by Windstream partners with YouTube TV
Feb 24, 2020 – Windstream has announced a partnership with YouTube TV that will provide its customers with a streaming solution for both live and on-demand content. Customers can connect with either a Smart TV or a streaming device connected to the Kinetic Internet service.
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Windstream launches app-based Kinetic TV in Nebraska
Apr 4, 2019 – Windstream has announced the introduction of its own app-based television product, Kinetic TV, its answer to Lincoln consumers’ demand for network entertainment and local channels, and the freedom and flexibility to watch TV when and where they wish.
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Windstream and MOBITV partner to launch app-based Kinetic TV
Feb 6, 2019 – Windstream (NASDAQ: WIN) and MOBITV have announced plans the launch of an app-based television service, Kinetic TV, which will enable Windstream’s residential customers to access content when and where they want it.
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Windstream launches Kinetic TV service in North Carolina
Nov 10, 2016 – Windstream (NASDAQ:WIN) has announced that Kinetic, Windstream’s next-generation television service, is available in 13 North Carolina communities. More than 50,000 residents can now sign up for the television service.
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Windstream applies to bring its Kinetic TV service to North Carolina
Aug 25, 2016 – Windstream (NASDAQ:WIN) has submitted a formal bid on a cable TV franchise agreement with the North Carolina Department of the Secretary of State to bring its Kinetic television service to more than 50,000 homes, primarily across 13 North Carolina communities.
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Windstream expands Kinetic TV into Texas
Feb 4, 2016 – Windstream (NASDAQ: WIN) has announced that Kinetic, Windstream’s television service, will launch in Sugar Land, Texas in the second quarter of 2016. The service will be available to more than 30,000 homes in the area.
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Windstream to offer Kinetic TV in a second U.S. market
Oct 9, 2015 – Windstream (NASDAQ:WIN) has received approval from the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government for a cable TV franchise agreement that will bring its Kinetic television service to the homes of more than 50,000 Lexington, Kentucky residents.
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Windstream selects ARRIS Wireless Video Gateways and Set-Tops
Aug 4, 2015 – Windstream (NASDAQ:WIN) is deploying NVG343 residential gateways and VIP Series IP set-tops from ARRIS Group (NASDAQ: ARRS) to power its Kinetic television service. Kinetic is available to more than 50,000 homes in Lincoln, Nebraska.
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