Digital TV News: Imagination Technologies

Realtek selects Imagination GPU for DTV SoC
Jul 15, 2021 – Imagination Technologies has announced that Realtek has licensed the IMG B-Series BXE-4-32 GPU for inclusion in their latest digital television SoC, continuing the companies' longstanding relationship.
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Socionext using PowerVR video IP cores in advanced SoCs
Jan 5, 2017 – Imagination Technologies (IMG.L) has announced that it is collaborating with Socionext on new video and display technologies for multimedia applications. Socionext is using PowerVR video IP cores in its advanced SoCs.
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ALi Corp STB SoCs get a boost with MIPS CPUs
Jun 22, 2016 – Imagination Technologies (IMG.L) has announced that ALi Corporation is shipping a MIPS-based, H.265-capable System-on-Chip (SoC) for hybrid cable, satellite, terrestrial and IP STBs.
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Actions Semi debuts SoC for tablets and OTT set-tops
Oct 21, 2014 – Actions Semiconductor (Nasdaq: ACTS) has announced that it has debuted a quad-core application processor offering for the tablet and OTT set-top box markets at the Asia World-Expo in Hong Kong.
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Allwinner announces SoC variant for high-end STBs
Oct 11, 2014 – In the run-up to the Hong Kong Electronics Fair, Allwinner Technology has announced an eight-core processor targeted at high-end smart set-top boxes and video games machines.
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MediaTek teams with Amazon on Fire HD tablets
Oct 9, 2014 – MediaTek has announced that it is working with Amazon to help power the new line of Fire tablets — the Fire HD 6, Fire HD 7 and Fire HD Kids Edition. The tablets feature MediaTek’s MT8135 System on Chip (SoC) and MT6628 connectivity solution.
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Argon Design licenses HEVC/H.265 streams to Imagination Technologies
Jun 4, 2014 – Argon Design has licensed Argon Streams to Imagination Technologies Limited, to provide improved verification coverage of Imagination’s PowerVR Series5 D5500 HEVC video decoder IP core.
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VP9 decoder available for Imagination PowerVR Series6 GPUs
Feb 25, 2014 – Imagination Technologies (IMG.L) has announced that a GPU accelerated VP9 software decoder for its PowerVR Series6 Rogue graphics processors (GPUs) is available from partner MulticoreWare.
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Imagination IP provides broadcast TV demodulation in Qualcomm Snapdragon 802 processor
Jan 7, 2014 – Imagination Technologies (IMG.L) has announced that its Ensigma radio communications processing (RPU) IP is integrated in the Snapdragon 802 Ultra HD processor from Qualcomm (NASDAQ: QCOM).
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