Digital TV News: Merrick Kingston

NAGRA claims top spot in Conditional Access market
Sep 13, 2017 – 2016 was a pivotal year for the content security industry. While global Conditional Access (CA) spend fell imperceptibly – from $1.97 billion to $1.92 billion – the market’s most volatile change took the form of competitive re-alignment, according to IHS Markit.
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Over 8 billion connected devices globally
Jun 10, 2016 – According to IHS (NYSE: IHS), as of year-end 2015, the world contained 8.1 billion connected smartphones, tablets, personal computers, TVs, TV-attached devices and audio devices - on average, four devices per household.
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Installed base of internet-connected video devices to exceed global population in 2017
Oct 8, 2013 – More than 8 billion Internet-connected video devices will be installed worldwide in 2017, exceeding the population of the planet, according to research from the Broadband Technology Service at IHS (NYSE: IHS).
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