Digital TV News: Pieter Vervoort

Universal Electronics voice-enabled remotes for Liberty Global
Oct 7, 2020 – Universal Electronics (UEI) is to provide voice-enabled remote controls to Liberty Global for its RDK-based Horizon 4 set-top boxes. Voice recognition technology is used to search for content on the platform.
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SMiT launches CI+ 1.3 VoD CAM into Netherlands market
Dec 3, 2013 – Ziggo and SMiT have teamed-up to provide on-demand and catch-up TV services without the need for a separate set-top box. The service, launched in the Netherlands in November, uses a SMiT CI+ Module with a CI Plus IDTV certified by Ziggo.
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Ziggo launches Interactive Television without separate digital receiver
Nov 5, 2013 – Ziggo customers with a new CI+ Module (version 1.3 or higher), and a television certified by Ziggo can use interactive services such as watching movies, television series or missed TV programmes on demand.
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