Botswana Digital TV News

Botswana - New pan-African satellite TV outfit licensed
Dec 19, 2007 – The National Broadcasting Board (NBB) yesterday awarded a Satellite Subscription Television Service Licence to Munhumutape African Broadcasting Corporation (MABCTV).
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Botswana - GTV Pay TV Hits the Market
Aug 28, 2007 – New kid on the block, GTV held their consumer launch at the Fashion Lounge in Phakalane, bringing competition and lower prices to the pay television market.
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Gateway Chooses NDS Content Protection for New African DTH Service
Feb 26, 2007 – NDS (NASDAQ: NNDS) has announced that it has been selected by Gateway Communications to provide a security system, featuring its VideoGuard® conditional access (CA), for GTV its newly created satellite TV service for Sub-Saharan Africa.
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