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Global DRM Market to Reach US$2.5 Billion by 2017
Nov 21, 2011 – Global Industry Analysts (GIA) has announced the release of a report on the Digital Rights Management (DRM) market. Media & Entertainment DRM is the fastest growing segment, with revenue growing at a CAGR of about 15.3% over the analysis period.
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Discretix and CoreMedia demonstrate OMA DRM for mobile video streaming
Mar 18, 2009 – Discretix and CoreMedia have announced the availability of the world's first open standards-based solution for secure mobile video streaming.
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Technology Leaders Announce 'Marlin Partner Program' to Make Digital Content Interoperable Across Multiple Devices and Services
Oct 22, 2008 – Over twenty-five leading technology companies have joined forces to create the Marlin Partner Program (MPP). Members of the program can now deliver technology solutions that make digital content interoperable between consumer electronics devices.
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BBC signs agreement to enable 'over the air' download from iPlayer to mobiles
Oct 10, 2008 – The BBC has signed a set of agreements to allow users to download television programmes from BBC iPlayer direct to their mobile handsets, via a wireless internet connection or 'over the air'.
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OMA BCAST 1.0 mobile TV interoperability tests held in Berlin
Jun 11, 2007 – bmcoforum members held a test camp from June 4-8, 2007 in Berlin targeting interoperable end-to-end solutions based on an initial implementation profile for mobile TV based on specifications of the Open Mobile Alliance.
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First-Ever Mobile Television Handset With Smartcard Profile Protection
Jun 6, 2007 – Discretix together with CyberLink, CoreMedia, and GIGA-BYTE Communications (GBC), have announced a demonstration of the first mobile TV handset supporting the Smartcard Profile. More …
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CoreMedia, Discretix to Demo OMA BCAST Smartcard Profile Mobile TV at NAB
Apr 19, 2007 – Discretix and CoreMedia have announced the availability of a groundbreaking mobile television solution at NAB2007. The solution is the first ever to offer end-to-end service and content protection according to the OMA BCAST Smartcard Profile. More …
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