Digital TV News: Ekioh

RiksTV Uses Ekioh Engines to Launch OTT Services in Norway
Nov 20, 2012 – Ekioh has announced that RiksTV have launched a range of new services in Norway using Ekioh's SVG & HTML engines. The Ekioh engines are at the heart of two new digital hybrid set-top boxes manufactured by Strong which are being sold to Norwegian customers through the retail market.
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VESTEL presents Android STB with Beesmart middleware at ANGA Cable 2012
Jun 11, 2012 – Vestel will show an Android set-top box with Beesmart middleware at Anga Cable 2012. The new Vestel box also supports the Ekioh web browser and operates on Edgeware, Anevia, Espial, and Bitband VOD servers.
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Accedo Broadband and Ekioh introduce the world's first 3D games for IPTV
Mar 21, 2011 – Accedo Broadband and Ekioh have announced the availability of casual games in 3D using Ekioh's latest SVG software. The 3D games will be available for all Ekioh customers from Q3 2011.
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More than 40,000 IPTV users for SVG technology from BeeSmart and Ekioh
Apr 7, 2010 – BeeSmart and Ekioh have announced a fast growing number of IPTV users on SVG-based client technology. The companies report that there are already over 40,000 end-users running BeeSmart middleware clients and Ekioh UI Engine.
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Ekioh UI Engine integral part of latest Freewire IPTV STB service
Sep 3, 2008 – Ekioh has announced that the Inuk Networks Freewire IPTV service, running on STBs using the Ekioh UI Engine, has been rolled out in several UK locations. The Ekioh UI Engine utilises the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) open standard from the W3C.
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Ekioh launches fastest Open-Standard User Interface for Set Top Boxes
Sep 5, 2007 – Ekioh will be premièring the fastest open standards based User Interface for Set Top Boxes at IBC 2007. Based on the W3C SVG open standard, the Ekioh User Interface (UI) Engine offers a remarkable 25 fps ensuring exceptional user experiences.
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