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TCL unveils cinematic advances and TV innovation at CES 2022
Jan 4, 2022 – TCL has announced products and innovations at CES 2022 with new big screen models as well as future technologies such as the first dynamic video motion ecosystem, more mini-LED powered TVs and high-performance gaming features.
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Home Gateway Initiative makes specifications public prior to closure
Jun 28, 2016 – The Home Gateway Initiative (HGI), which has been the world’s leading organisation setting requirements for the broadband-connected Home Gateway since 2005, has confirmed it will cease operations as planned on Thursday, June 30, but will make its work available on a new archive website.
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Home Gateway Initiative transfers smart home requirements to ETSI
Apr 21, 2016 – ETSI and the Home Gateway Initiative (HGI) have announced that HGI will transfer three of its published requirements specifications to ETSI, where they will be handled, adapted and maintained by ETSI’s SmartM2M Technical Committee.
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HGI sets requirements for home network devices
Aug 24, 2015 – The Home Gateway Initiative (HGI) has announced that it has published new requirements for home network devices. The new document extends the current Quality of Service (QoS) architecture already published by HGI, to cover the entire home network.
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Home Gateway Initiative to close in 2016
Jun 29, 2015 – The Home Gateway Initiative (HGI) has announced that it plans to complete its current work by mid-2016 and bring the organisation to a close. Following the end of the organisation, the requirements documents created by HGI will remain available to the industry.
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HGI sets out business requirements for media gateway
Jul 28, 2014 – HGI has today set out high-level Broadband Service Provider (BSP) business requirements for a Media Gateway as it continues in its quest to build a technology-agnostic smart home ecosystem.
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HGI and Broadband Forum to discuss Device Template for Smart Home Interoperability
Mar 12, 2014 – HGI and Broadband Forum will discuss, during a Smart Home Task Force meeting of HGI, recommendations for a universal template which will facilitate interworking between home devices and smart home applications.
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OSGi Alliance and HGI Collaborate on Software Execution Environment for Home Gateways
Sep 16, 2009 – The OSGi™ Alliance and the Home Gateway Initiative (HGI) have agreed to work together to integrate the OSGi Service Platform into the home gateway, creating a software execution environment that will facilitate digital home services.
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Home Gateway Initiative To Host Its First Test Event
Aug 26, 2009 – The first ever test event to assess Quality of Service (QoS) and Multi-session support in both Home Gateway products and reference designs is to be held by the Home Gateway Initiative (HGI) in France next month.
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