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Pace to use Myriad Java in select set-top boxes and gateways
Apr 30, 2013 – Myriad Group (SIX: MYRN) has announced that Pace (LSE: PIC) has selected Myriad's Java™ technology for use in their RDK compliant set-top boxes. The JVM is a key component of the Comcast Reference Design Kit (RDK).
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Multimedia Home Gateway Shipments Set to Surge a Hundredfold by 2015
Mar 11, 2013 – Global shipments of multimedia home gateways are expected to rise by a factor of more than 100 from 2011 to 2015 as pay-TV operators seek to unify the delivery of different forms of video content to all types of devices in homes, according to an IHS Screen Digest report.
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Ensequence, Sony Reach Connected TV Deal
Dec 4, 2012 – Ensequence and Sony have reached a multi-year deal to embed Ensequence's platform software on all Sony Connected TVs. The collaboration offers advertisers and programmers a way to engage viewers directly with TV ads and shows.
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Set-top Box Semiconductors Moving High-End while Commoditizing
Aug 21, 2012 – The new update to IMS Research's (NYSE: IHS) Semiconductors in Set-top Box Market Share report has revealed that the market for set-top box core semiconductors is expected to be stable through 2016 despite a trend to commoditization.
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Connected CE Devices Help Broadcasters Grow OTT Revenues
Aug 21, 2012 – IMS Research (NYSE: IHS) forecasts that in 2017, 27 percent of OTT video transactions will be initiated via fixed connected CE within the home, accounting for 46 percent of world OTT market revenues generated that year.
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Boxee Brings Comcast to Negotiations over Basic Tier Encryption
Jun 28, 2012 – Due to an FCC filing from Comcast, IMS Research has learned that Boxee appears to have brought Comcast to the negotiating table over basic-tier encryption, and has apparently won everything it was looking to get.
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Connected TV Set Shipments Will Grow to 70 Percent during 2016
May 2, 2012 – Approximately 25% of the TV sets shipped globally in 2011 were internet-connected, a figure forecasted to approach 70% of total TV shipments during 2016, resulting in more than $117 billion in revenues, according to a new report by IMS Research.
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TV set shipments decreased in 2011, and it hasn't reached bottom yet
Apr 16, 2012 – IMS Research estimates indicate that worldwide TV set unit shipments during 2011 were 0.4 percent lower than in 2010, and the forecast indicates that the TV set market will experience another dip in shipments during 2012.
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No New Wires IC Shipments Set to Top 100 Million Units in 2013
Mar 6, 2012 – 'No new wires' technologies are rapidly gaining favour with service providers and consumers alike. IMS Research's Home Networks and Residential Gateways 2012 report predicts that over 100 million ICs supporting these technologies will be shipped in 2013.
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