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China’s appetite for broadband fuels growth in CPE market
Sep 23, 2015 – IHS (NYSE: IHS) has raised its outlook for the broadband customer premises equipment (CPE) market. In its September report, the firm has increased its 2019 worldwide broadband CPE forecast by 8%, to US$12.4 billion.
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Nearly 90 million DOCSIS 3.0 CPE units shipped over last 12 quarters
Jan 6, 2015 – Infonetics has released excerpts from its 3Q14 Broadband CPE and Subscribers report. Connected home and multiscreen services continue to proliferate. As a result, an increasing number of video-capable gateways are being shipped globally.
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Multiscreen video delivery via residential gateways a fast-growing trend
May 16, 2013 – According to a survey from market research firm Infonetics, broadband data, IPTV, WiFi hotspot access, and VoIP are the main applications operator respondents are currently offering using a residential gateway.
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Communication Partner SRL selects Zhone for GPON deployments in Argentina
Sep 14, 2012 – Zhone Technologies (NASDAQ: ZHNE) has announced that its MXK™ system has been selected by Communication Partner SRL for five GPON deployments in the Argentinean provinces of Buenos Aires, Córdoba and Neuquén.
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DOCSIS 3.0 Boosts Broadband CPE Market
Jul 18, 2012 – Infonetics Research has released its first quarter (1Q12) Broadband CPE and Subscribers report. The battle between Huawei and ZTE for overall broadband CPE revenue share continues: Huawei took back the top spot in 1Q12, slightly edging out ZTE.
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North America Is Home Networking Leader, Thanks to MoCA
Jun 25, 2012 – Infonetics Research has released excerpts from its latest Home Networking Devices report. MoCA embedded set-top boxes (STBs), FTTB ONTs, coax-Ethernet adapters, and WiFi broadband routers are driving growth in the home networking device market.
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Broadband CPE and Home Networking Vendors Make Push towards Premium Services
Dec 19, 2011 – Infonetics has released vendor market share standings and market forecasts from two third quarter (3Q11) broadband access reports. Despite a 7% worldwide decline in cable CPE revenue, Motorola (NYSE: MMI) held on to the top spot in cable CPE.
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Zhone Technologies Announces Network Expansion With SRT Communications to Support Microsoft Mediaroom
Aug 10, 2011 – Zhone Technologies (NASDAQ:ZHNE) has announced that its MXK™ multi-service access node (MSAN) will be used by SRT Communications (SRT) in combination with Microsoft® Mediaroom® to deliver new IPTV and video services via ADSL2+ and FTTH.
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Residential gateway survey shows strong support for IPTV
Apr 7, 2011 – Infonetics Research has conducted a survey of telcos in N. America, EMEA, and CALA. The resulting report captures the service providers' strategies for residential gateways, and their top picks for vendors, services, technologies, and features.
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