Digital TV News: Andrew Ward

Ampersand launches improved solution for multiscreen TV campaign measurement
Sep 16, 2021 – Ampersand has announced the availability of its Total TV Measurement solution for advertisers and agencies, unifying measurement of media delivery across its full footprint of multiscreen TV supply.
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NCC Media connects online inventory to its TV advertising platform
Mar 18, 2019 – NCC Media has announced the launch of digital buying capabilities that extend the reach of its TV advertising platform. The move creates an all-screen advertising solution, enabling marketers to deliver coordinated digital ads to the same households reached by their TV campaigns.
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Charter, Comcast and Cox form group to sell advanced advertising
Apr 4, 2018 – Charter Communications (NASDAQ: CHTR), Comcast (NASDAQ: CMCSA) and Cox Communications, owners of NCC Media, have announced that they are creating a new division within NCC to design, deploy and sell unified advertising solutions across NCC's participants' national footprint.
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Pace set to launch Viasat's next-generation Hybrid HD PVR
Sep 8, 2009 – Viasat Broadcasting (OMX: MTGA, MTGB) has once again chosen long-term set-top box partner Pace plc (LSE:PIC) to launch a second generation high definition (HD) personal video recorder (PVR) with built-in hybrid functionality.
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Pace to launch new HD set-top box to Viasat across Scandinavia
Jun 8, 2009 – Viasat (OMX: MTGA, MTGB), the largest free-and pay-TV operator in Scandinavia and the Baltic States, has chosen to work with its long-term set-top box partner, Pace plc (LSE:PIC), to launch its next generation high definition (HD) receiver.
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