Digital TV News: Arnaud Bensaid

Orange France upgrades set-top box with SoftAtHome
May 29, 2024 – Orange France has launched its latest set-top box, the STB 6, powered by SoftAtHome, bringing the voice control into the living room. The box is powered by a more energy-efficient Broadcom chipset.
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SoftAtHome SOP8 integrated with MStar hybrid STB chipsets
Jan 2, 2017 – SoftAtHome and MStar have announced their partnership. MStar’s latest Hybrid Set-Top Box chipset solution is integrated with SoftAtHome’s SOP8 software to enable operators to benefit from the latest advanced security solutions.
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Accedo and SoftAtHome develop HTML5 app store
Mar 18, 2014 – Accedo and SoftAtHome have announced the extension of their partnership to develop an end-to-end Appstore solution. Thanks to SoftAtHome’s SOP platform, this new home-store gives access to HTML5-based apps.
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SoftAtHome Integrates Microsoft Smooth Streaming Technology
Feb 11, 2013 – SoftAtHome has announced that it has integrated Microsoft Smooth Streaming technology into its latest SoftAtHome Operating Platform (SOP) release. By incorporating adaptive bitrate technologies, SoftAtHome's software enables broadcasters to provide access to OTT services on set-top boxes.
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