Digital TV News: Erik Huggers

Verizon to purchase Intel Media assets
Jan 21, 2014 – Verizon (NYSE, Nasdaq: VZ) and Intel (Nasdaq: INTC) have announced an agreement for Verizon to purchase from Intel the assets of Intel Media, a business division dedicated to the development of Cloud TV products and services.
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Intel-Based Set-Top Box Powers Comcast Xfinity TV Experience
Jun 14, 2011 – Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) has announced that its media processors are helping power the Comcast (NASDAQ: CMCSA, CMCSK) Xfinity TV experience which uses a new guide and user interface to make the television more interactive, personal and social.
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BBC unveils BBC iPlayer Desktop on Adobe AIR
Dec 19, 2008 – The BBC and Adobe Systems (NASDAQ:ADBE) have announced the public beta of the new BBC iPlayer Desktop download manager built on Adobe AIR, a key component of the Adobe Flash Platform.
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BBC may create open online video platform
Oct 15, 2008 – Erik Huggers, the BBC's Group Controller for Future Media and Technology, has said that the BBC is considering creating an open online video platform, codenamed Canvas, on which content providers could launch internet TV services.
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Next generation BBC iPlayer launches
Jun 25, 2008 – The BBC has unveiled a new-look BBC iPlayer which fully integrates radio and TV in one interface, as the service records over 100 million requests to view programmes in the six months since its launch.
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BBC and Nintendo collaborate to offer BBC iPlayer on Wii
Apr 9, 2008 – Erik Huggers, the BBC's Group Controller for Future Media and Technology, has unveiled a collaboration with Nintendo UK to offer BBC iPlayer via the Nintendo Wii.
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BBC enters strategic relationship with Adobe to enhance BBC iPlayer and
Oct 16, 2007 – The BBC and Adobe® Systems have announced a strategic relationship around the delivery of web video.
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